The Quintessential Pain Care Provider

My dear friend, Debbie Tichenor RN, passed quietly and unexpectedly from this world on New Year’s Day 2015.

For more than twelve years, Debbie and I worked side-by-side, sometimes head-to-head, and always heart-to-heart. She was the quintessential pain care provider, possessing a unique abundance of clinical know-how, moral fiber, and you-can’t-outwork-me ethic. I trusted her with my business, my career, my family, and my life. She helped so many, loved so many, and will be missed by so many.

Today it would be my honor to participate in Debbie’s eulogy. And though I dearly wanted to serve in this role, I feared the challenge might overwhelm me, because Debbie was no longer here for me. You see Debbie was one of my vital touchstones. We shared core values, and I could always count on her for honest, intelligent, and constructive feedback. This time, however, I feared I was on my own. And my words, at best, would fall well short of the tribute due this humble angel of mercy.

Nevertheless, knowing that I owed it to my dear friend, sometime after midnight I began writing, not certain where it would lead. Hours passed, and as I fell into and out of exhaustion, the words on my computer screen gradually began to resemble verse. By 5:45 am I had composed a poem – Debbie’s poem. And when I read it aloud, alone in my room, I felt her presence, knew we had written it together, and knew I was not alone.

My sincere wish is that this poem for Debbie provides comfort to those who miss her, inspiration to those who never knew her, and encouragement to those who aspire to be like her. She was, is, and always will be the quintessential pain care provider.


A Poem for Debbie


When she was born it’s right to say,
A blessing came to earth that day.

To ease our pain and bring us love,
Directly from the Lord above.

 A daughter, mother, wife, and friend,
With caring that would see no end. 

A nurse who’d go the extra mile,
Who always met you with a smile. 

If she was anywhere you were,
Then you were family to her. 

And could expect, as from God’s grace,
The blessing of her warm embrace. 

With such profound humility,
Her skill defied futility. 

And when she faced what most would fear,
With love and hope she’d persevere. 

But tending to the quiet needs,
Might count as her most noble deeds. 

And though this blessing we now miss,
God comforts us in knowing this… 

If love defines a life’s treasure,
She lived a life beyond measure.



~Written with your help, my dear friend,

January 6, 2015