Media update…

Relatively recently, I’ve participated in three presentations that I’d like to share: (1) Louisville Bar Association, (2) Louisville Forward Radio, and (3) the KY Harm Reduction Coalition

First is a discussion about the medical potential, as well as the risks, of marijuana.

Here’s four good references I used for the medical marijuana forum…

(1) American Medical Association:

(2) American Society of Addiction Medicine:

(3) American Psychiatric Association:

(4) Greater Louisville Medical Society (my article begins on page 16):

And second, I’d like to share a two-part discussion on “the opioid crisis” from Louisville Forward Radio

Dr. Pat Murphy, pain and addiction specialist in a discussion with Mike Flynn and Gene Shively regarding the U.S. addiction epidemic and a healing path forward.

Part 1 • March 10, 2022

Part 2 • June 7, 2022

And finally, here is a video posted on the Kentucky Harm Reduction Coalition’s Facebook page with me discussing, what else? – Harm Reduction.

We interviewed board member and addiction specialist Dr. James Murphy on all things addiction, harm reduction, and the opioid epidemic. Give it a watch and spread the word – together we can break the stigma!