National Substance Abuse Prevention Month 2013

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Here is a summary of WEEK ONE:


By the way, since October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month I am going to message every day this month on TWITTER (@jamespmurphymd). I am inviting you to “follow” me on TWITTER and pass it on to friends and anyone whose life is touched by the plague of substance abuse (i.e. pretty much all of us).

Together we can be the change.



Here’s a goal for DAY 2 of National Substance Abuse Prevention Month… check your VITAL SIGNS. Below is a link to our GLMS publications (all are worthy) but Vital Signs Issue 3 – 2012 “Pain Treatment and Prescription Drug Abuse in Kentucky” is particularly timely this month.



It’s DAY 3 of National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. Surprised to learn that more than 70 percent of people who abuse pain meds get them from friends or family? YOU can make a difference by LOCKING your meds and DISPOSING of the leftovers properly. Here’s how…



It’s day FOUR of National Substance Abuse Awareness Month and THE HEALING PLACE benefit concert with jazzy Sarah Stivers is TONIGHT at Kentucky Country Day’s Performing Arts Center. Chill out and support Louisville’s Healing Place – the most successful addiction recovery program in the USA. Help restore lives!



It’s National Substance Abuse Prevention Month DAY 5. Teens & young adults are most vulnerable to addiction. It’s a brain thing. Learn why. Take action. Is there someone in your life who needs to hear from you?



Day 6 of National Substance Abuse Awareness Month: “Requiem For A Dream,” is possibly THE most powerful movie EVER about the downward spiral of drug addiction. The trailer alone will give you chills.