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From:  Greater Louisville Medical Society NEWS

Volume 23 & Issue 10

October 2013

dr m at kma

As President of the Greater Louisville Medical Society, I had the honor of offering the opening remarks and welcome at the start of the Kentucky Medical Association 2013 Annual Meeting. If you are a physician, have a loved one who is a physician, have ever seen a physician, or may ever be in need of a physician, you will probably like this…

“The theme of this year’s meeting is Safeguarding Kentucky’s Health. As I look out upon this gathering – the different specialties, interests and practice models represented – I am impressed by what we do: as skilled professionals, products of years of formal training, specialists in various fields, leaders of our society’s health care system.

And I am intrigued by how we do what we do – the various practice models from private practice to fee for service, private medicine, academic settings, administrative medicine, community health. The diversity is enormous.

But what inspires me is why we do what we do. In the face of continued attacks on all fronts by job stress, legal challenges, regulatory burdens, infringements on our scope of practice and the technological tsunami of electronic data management, we maintain our integrity, drive and resolve to care for the suffering, regardless – to innovate beyond reason and to lead relentlessly. We do it because that’s what physicians do. Caring is at our core.

Safeguarding Kentucky’s health? We are most safe when that which we have cannot be taken from us. And as we now begin our meeting in earnest, let’s recognize that the strength that comes as a product of our shared core values is the greatest safeguard for the health and well-being of our neighbors and loved ones.

No one can change that or take that from us. We care. We put patients first. We cherish and deserve their trust. And trust is the foundation of our strength – our strength as Kentucky’s united physicians.”

James Patrick Murphy, MD, MMM

President, Greater Louisville Medical Society

September 9, 2013

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