An Opportunity For Dialogue with Senator Paul

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Dear Friends,

I get to participate in a small group physician roundtable with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul today at 4:30 pm EST.

If you had one thing to tell Senator Paul, what would it be?

If you had one thing to ask him, what would it be?

Please leave me your thoughts in the “Comments” section of the blog post.

Let’s listen and be heard.



The Painful Truth

4 thoughts on “An Opportunity For Dialogue with Senator Paul

  1. Murph!
    What a great opportunity. In brief I am a Risk Advisor primarily for businesses. I have spent / wasted the better part of the last 6 months working on solutions for health benefits for my clients. The obamacare plan as now all can see is a disastrous train wreck. The “fix” announced for yesterday’s news cycle will actually cause an even greater disaster if / when implemented and now that several blue state democratic insurance commissioners have said “no way” to the “Fix” it will be interesting to see what results. Sen. Rand and his colleagues need to force the democrats to live with their train wreck and ultimately REPEAL as there is no actuarially sound “Fix” at this point. That said while they can get out of the way and allow obamacare to collapse of its idiotic design the Republicans need to assert themselves with an actual solution to Healthcare COSTS – insurance as you undoubtedly know is a small fraction of the cost pie. The Republican leadership needs to stop wasting time with purity tests and Washington DC centric inside the beltway skirmishes. This country needs real leaders with actual ideas that work and are meaningful solutions to the economic morass.
    All that said kudos to you for being part of the solution. I have also been loosely following your work on drug issues in the work place. I am part of a Work Comp coalition that might be of interest to you and quite possibly could benefit from your expertise and insight. Perhaps as we get closer to year end we could discuss. I am not far from you here in Columbus, IN.
    Good luck!

  2. I hope the writing instrument was not worth more than $10. I am concerned that you were trying to unduly influencing him this gift. After all isn’t that why we can not accept pens with product names on them anymore? Or do you believe it is NOT only healthcare professionals who can’t think beyond their writing utensil? Good thing there are no regulations to ban him from using it to “prescribe” change!
    Oh – of course there aren’t – we are not part of the land of legislators and legislated.
    Keep trying Murph.

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