Favorites From My First 100 Tweets

Dr M speaking

The Greater Louisville Medical Society’s “Presidents’ Celebration” ended with…

Follow me this year on TWITTER. If you don’t know, ask any teenager and they’ll walk you through it.”


Chinandega 2008 op smile  copy

Here are some favorites from my first 100 tweets…



James P Murphy MD ‏@jamespmurphymd 11 Nov Veterans Day With J.P. Murphy http://wp.me/p3C62j-2d 


James P Murphy MD ‏@jamespmurphymd6 Nov There’s drama at the eVoice: http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs105/1101098564175/archive/1115456070833.html … & Indiana opioid rules drama on my blog The Painful Truth: https://jamespmurphymd.wordpress.com 

James P Murphy MD ‏@jamespmurphymd5 Nov Did you hear that sound? http://wp.me/p3C62j-24 

James P Murphy MD ‏@jamespmurphymd4 Nov Confluential Truth http://wp.me/p3C62j-1Z 

James P Murphy MD ‏@jamespmurphymd4 Nov My blog has a summary of 31 posts with links re: #substance #abuse #prevention #addiction & #pain: The Painful Truth https://jamespmurphymd.wordpress.com 



James P Murphy MD ‏@jamespmurphymd31 Oct Dear fiends… I mean FRIENDS, http://wp.me/p3C62j-1J 


James P Murphy MD ‏@jamespmurphymd22 Oct I got the first word… http://wp.me/p3C62j-1x 

James P Murphy MD ‏@jamespmurphymd20 Oct #NSAPM Day 20: Joe Elliott and I talked addiction, prevention, treatment and pain management on his radio show: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2PLAYRyZSJjYVRVSGxUVHJxbkk/edit?usp=sharing …

James P Murphy MD ‏@jamespmurphymd17 Oct #NationalSubstanceAbusePreventionMonth Day 17: Don’t let KASPER spook you! (Louisville Medicine, page 20) https://www.glms.org/Content/User/Documents/Louisville%20Medicine/LM%202012/GLMS%20Mag%20Jan%202012.pdf …

James P Murphy MD ‏@jamespmurphymd16 Oct Day 16 #NSAPM: Why does the pain doc make you pee in a cup? It may be random, but that’s how I roll http://www.practicalpainmanagement.com/treatments/pharmacological/opioids/tumblin-dice-why-does-random-matter?page=0,1 …

James P Murphy MD ‏@jamespmurphymd15 Oct Day 15 of #NationalSubstanceAbusePreventionMonth: Dr. Murphy talks pain and addiction with Dr. Wayne Tuckson on KET: http://www.ket.org/cgi-bin/cheetah/watch_video.pl?nola=KKHEA%20000902&altdir=&template= …

James P Murphy MD ‏@jamespmurphymd10 Oct #NSAPM Day 10 How can you avoid being addicted to your pain meds? It helps if your doctor can juggle. I try it at: http://www.courier-journal.com/article/20120604/NEWS01/107100009 …


courthouse corydon

James P Murphy MD ‏@jamespmurphymd7 Oct #NSAPM Day 7: “An Open Letter to the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana” Primum Non Nocere, i.e. “First Do No Harm” https://jamespmurphymd.wordpress.com 


James P Murphy MD ‏@jamespmurphymd27 Sep Read about my big adventure @ the Indiana Medical Board on Wednesday. Learn how you can help preserve pain care. https://jamespmurphymd.wordpress.com 

James P Murphy MD ‏@jamespmurphymd11 Sep No mission, no margin? Check out my eVoice in the September issue of Louisville Medicine September to find out. http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs105/1101098564175/archive/1114772031297.html …

James P Murphy MD ‏@jamespmurphymd1 Aug My August eVoice in Louisville Medicine is about the physicians’ return on investment- It’s not what you think http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs105/1101098564175/archive/1114344399884.html …

James P Murphy MD ‏@jamespmurphymd11 Jul “I cannot keep from wondering what time will do, and I wonder how far away from yourself you will go.” July’s eVoice! http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs105/1101098564175/archive/1113925726984.html …


bleed red

James P Murphy MD ‏@jamespmurphymd16 Jun Thanks Mike Rutherford for giving Louisville Medicine a spotlight. The Card Chronicle blog is witty & well written http://www.cardchronicle.com/2013/6/11/4420106/tuesday-evening-cardinal-news-and-notes …


pat and silvie

James P Murphy MD ‏@jamespmurphymd9 Jun watch me get heckled 🙂 it’s a call to take charge of our future! please share it with your friends! http://vimeo.com/67679697 


James P Murphy MD ‏@jamespmurphymd24 May“…pay attention when your loved ones are speaking, as if it were the last time you might hear them.” Mitch Albom, “Tuesdays with Morrie”


rear view

Thanks for coming… and going…

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